Dr Harry Stanton: Successful Trader Psychology and Thinking

I had a lively conversation with Dr Harry Stanton, author of Let The Trade Winds Flow: Psychology for Super Traders who is the expert in helping stock and forex traders overcome their self sabotaging

The take home message is that there is no “holy grail” trading system; that is the bad news. The good news is that you (the person/trader) are the Holy Grail; effectively whether you become a consistently profitable trader or blow up your account is wholly and solely dependent on what goes on between your ears.

At the heart of it, the deciding factor if you will is your level of self esteem; as Dr Stanton explained the basis of his success in getting his clients back to winning form is self-empowerment, morale building and performance enhancement. His approach of helping people to manage their lives more successfully by overcoming the obstacles they create within their own minds is a stroke of genius and an inspired vocational path.

Listen to Dr Stanton’s simple and effective strategy that has helped a segment of traders who normally suffer analysis paralysis “pull the trigger”. It is easier than you think!

Harry Stanton Interview Part1 15May2013

Harry Stanton Interview Part2 15May2013

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