Denise Dunn Interview: Using The Life Line Technique To Fast Track Your Financial Success

Becoming successful is a team effort and not a “do it on your own” solo event. Like in sport, carefully handpicking your team will make it easier to get to your financial goals.

My guest Denise Dunn is a life and business coach who has the knack of asking the right questions of her clients to help them get to their goals.

Denise Dunn Interview Part1

Denise Dunn Interview Part2

In my show Your Money and Your Mindset, I make it a point of introducing my regular readers to as many different modalities as possible that will help them overcome limiting beliefs around creating prosperity and lasting wealth (that so many people seem to have). We all respond differently and it is what makes us interesting as human beings.

As a certified practitioner of The Life Line Technique™, Denise uses the different modalities within it to help her clients get to the core of self sabotaging behaviour without having to go into the specifics. This is always a good thing! She explains how it is possible clearing limiting beliefs and installing new and more supportive ones without her clients having to relive the past yet again.

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