Angelo Mena Interview: From Laboratory to Real Estate

As regular readers of my blogs you will know I love speaking to entrepreneurs who started in careers as far away as possible from their current businesses. I have a soft spot for research scientists who make that massive leap from a structured analytical environment to one with no boundaries. The personal changes required to transition to being successful business owners is massive therefore extremely admirable (I’m biased).

My guest Dr Angleo Mena completed a PhD majoring in immunology and a postdoctoral fellowship in Canada whilst investing in property. When he saw that the capital gains in his investments outstripped his postdoctoral salary that it became clear that his financial future lay beyond science. Angelo and wife Xenia Ioannou now own successful property investment businesses under the parent company Alexa Property Group, Adelaide Australia.

Angelo Mena Interview Part 1

Angelo Mena Interview Part 2

Hear about Angelo’s own challenges from being pretty average at school to having the burning desire to firstly become a genetic engineer and then take that same passion to building his real estate businesses.

The last 5 minutes of this interview are priceless when you hear him speak about gifting his children especially son Anthony with the idea of limitless potential.

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