Derrick McManus: Overcoming obstacles and setbacks (like being shot 14 times)

Derrick McManus is the STAR Group South Australian Police Officer who survived being shot 14 times during a siege. Anyone would be justified in opting for the quiet life after facing such a life changing event instead he chose to use the event to reinvent himself as a motivational speaker and trainer.

If you feel that the odds haven’t turned out in your favor whether it be in your career, business or relationship, Derrick shares the 5 attributes and actions that when implemented will give you a renewed sense of hope, inspiration, purpose and direction.

Derrick McManus Interview Part1 12Feb2013

Derrick McManus Interview Part2 12Feb2013

Just remember that mindless meandering following setbacks or obstacles will not get you to your goals. Instead take inspired action and always keep your eye on the prize!

Keep the faith and never give up as Derrick explains in this excerpt


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