Retirement: What happens after the farewell speech and gold watch gift

I was speaking to this lady in her mid 50s the other day about her retirement plans.

“Retirement, what retirement?” she snorted.

No, sir-she was launching herself into a new home based business after spending a better part of 30 years as a cog in the wheel of a giant multi national corporation.

The first thing that struck me was that her attitude of “let’s get going on something new” as opposed to some people who view retirement as buying a one way ticket to the morgue.

What a refreshing way to see the rest of her life as one filled with new possibilities and potential.

But, with a bit more conversation, I picked up on the language she was using. Most people would not notice this however, she spoke of success in her new business in terms of “if I get x number of clients” rather than “when I have x number of clients”.

Subtle but this is the difference between growing a successful business and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

I asked if she’d ever read the book “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming” by Barbara Stanny. There is this funny/ironic line where it states that a man is no financial plan.

That raised a wry smile from this recent retiree.

Barbara in this book asks you to examine your beliefs about money and here was a classic case of a woman who had modeled her money beliefs on her upbringing.

No prizes for guessing that her father had controlled the finances and by default controlled the family. Women were left out of the decision making process and that had adversely impacted her general view of life and relationships.

The good news is that it is not too late to review and revise your view of handling money, but this time from an emotional perspective.

Your emotions will either help or hinder (read self sabotage) your efforts at building a thriving and successful business.

I have included a short list of 5 books that are educational (without being dry and hard going) and inspirational.

Remember, you can do a lot more good for your family, friends, church and community when you are wealthy. It is not a sin nor is it a crime to be prosperous.

1. Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, Barbara Stanny (Penguin Books)

2. Secrets of Six Figure Women, Barbara Stanny (Harper Collins)

3. Millionaire Women Next Door Thomas J. Stanley (Andrews McMeel Publishing)

4. Rich Woman (Because I Hate Being Told What To Do) Kim Kiyosaki (Rich Press)

5. Aspire (Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words) Kevin Hall (William Morrow Press)

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

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